Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas with Daddy

I posted this on my Facebook, but I am going to post it here too for anyone who might follow my blog but might not follow the freak show that is my Facebook page.
I got a great idea from a widowed friend to do for Christmas. We took a special little tree up to Jeff and Stephen's grave site. All of us who went wrote our name and the year on an ornament. Then we tied them very tightly to the tree (let's hope they survive the elements!)
If you feel so inclined to visit Jeff this Christmas season, we would love to have you share in our special memories. In the second vase we left behind some bows and some sharpie markers. Please take one and put your name and the year, and if you choose, a message on the ornament and attach it to the tree. (Or feel free to bring an ornament of your choosing with your name and date). Make sure they are attached really well. Then we will go back on New Year's Day to bring the tree home. Next year we will include your memory ornaments on our family tree for Christmas!
Of course, no visit is complete without a balloon release. (Yes I keep a tank on hand!)
And Courtney cleaning the sand from the stone. (Okay, I thought she was kissing it at first too, but she wasn't)
Thanks for all your love and support over the last two years. We wouldn't be as well adjusted as we are without you all (not that that is saying a lot!) ;)


  1. Awe, sniff sniff....I wish we could have been there! And I dont think we will make it by Jan when you take the tree down....darn, I wish I knew this before, I would have sent our ornaments with name and date in the package I just sent off on Friday :( maybe you can go put our names on for us? We are there in spirit.....We love you guys!!

  2. That can be arranged. We gotta figure out this skype thing!

  3. Yes, we sure do need to figure out the Skype, I dont know anything about it, I will have to talk to Josh and look it up online

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I'm so glad we could see each other and catch up. I admire you so much. Thanks for the bed and the laughs!