Monday, November 5, 2012

Lemon is my Meth

The other night I went into the kitchen to make some dinner (READ: Get myself a bowl of cereal at 8:30 p.m.)

When I walked to the counter I saw this!!

I completely lose my ... mind!!

I am stalking through the kitchen screaming things like "Which one of you little ingrates I gave birth to dared to touch my gourmet lemon pie filling?!?!"

Back story: About 4 months ago I had a completely irrational craving for all things lemon, but mostly for lemon pie filling.  I could not find a can of pie filling at any store anywhere.

Cheap normal pie filling I was looking for
Finally, in desperation I found some gourmet pie filling, in a JAR!  (I know, that is the good stuff!)

Not the actual brand, but I'm to lazy to upload a picture, and this looks just as delicious!

By the time I got the highly sought after jar home, the craving had long since passed and will likely never return, but I now have to keep this gourmet pie filling in stock JUST IN CASE!

But now it appears that SOMEONE has dared to open my pie filling and THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED!

I rush to the pantry to verify these disturbing findings and there is my JAR of pie filling ... untouched!! WHAT!?!  I don't even know what is going on anymore. The evidence is right here!

Then I remembered...someone opened a new jar of mayonnaise the night before to make fry sauce (to go with the healthy dinner Gage (8) made of corn dogs and fries.)

There is a good chance I will never eat lemon pie filling...or mayonnaise again.

And I have won the BEST MOM EVER award too many times to even count anymore.


  1. I have done similar so many times! Lol! Lucky for you you did not lick the top like I might have! :S

  2. It is weird how mayo and lemon look so similar