Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Get By With Help From My Friends

I completely intended to do a "what is happening in our lives" post so that you wouldn't think it was all ridiculous all the time around here.  But then today the mail came and I got the most KickButt late birthday present ever from one of my most besties of all time, Angie, and I just knew I had to share the craziness.

Let us begin:
Contrary to popular belief, I do still obey the Word of Wisdom and I have not YET been driven to drink - I know, I joke about it a lot.  However, when I do get to the point of driven to drink these will come in very handy:

Capri Sun style alcoholic beverages!

 Until I actually do get driven to drink, there is this little gem.

 I know you should be able to click and enlarge, but let me help you out.
7 Helpful occasions to chew this gum
1.  When you suddenly need to change your mood
2.  When somebody yell at you and you don't want to listen
3.  If you are lack of attitude
4.  When you need to refuse
5.  When you want to be picky
6. When you want to be selfish
7.  When you definitely want to say "kiss my ___" 
*chew more than one if you need extra attitude

I only edited number 7 (although, if you are letting kids read my blog you are a worse parent than me!)  The rest of the awesome wording is all credit to the producer of this great product.

Next up:

Okay, this is the nice picture.  You can just imagine what the other side looks like - well it isn't as bad as you imagine, but it is still not right.
I can't even say that this one is crazy or ridiculous or weird because I have totally wanted one of these for SOOOO very long!!  And it is as completely awesome as I hoped it would be.  I will never lose my headset again.  I am trying to think of a reason to go to Walmart just to use it in public.  Although, my sister did point out that she wondered what people passing by in cars must think of it!! It makes me so happy I could....squirt water!!

In fact, I love this so much that I am going to share a completely awful picture of me that Courtney snapped while I was driving around the neighborhood.  Keep in mind that I didn't get dressed until 3:30, I am not wearing makeup, that shirt is very unflattering, and I have no explanation for how awesome my teeth look.

Thanks, Ang!  You made my day!  Maybe my week, and my month too, we shall have to see!!


  1. That is so cool! You better hide the alcohol. Love the headset. That is the most bestest creation ever!

  2. That is so cool! You better hide the alcohol. Love the headset. That is the most bestest creation ever!